Market Intelligence for Photography Brands and Retailers

Photography Retail Price Monitoring

Track both new and used products, as well as their graded condition

  • Capitalise on the stock levels of your competitors
  • Say goodbye to nasty surprises about promotions
  • Turn your pricing into a competitive advantage

We help photography brands and retailers get results

Let us help you set the most appropriate price to maximise your margins
Working with and monitoring

Never miss that all-important shot

We monitor the whole market, so you know what to do and when to act

Analytics Screen Competitor Monitor

Photography brands

Monitor retailer sites and marketplaces to do the following:

  • Competitor brand price monitoring
  • Retailer brand and competitor stock monitoring
  • Retailer shipping charge monitoring
  • Retailer Assortment monitoring (additions/deletions)
  • Retailer Promotion/Sale monitoring
  • Direct to Consumer v’s Retailer price analysis

Analytics Screen Competitor Monitor

Photography retailers

Monitor competitor sites and marketplaces to do the following:

  • Competitor Price Monitoring
  • Competitor Stock Monitoring
  • Shipping charge tracking
  • Competitor review analysis
  • Competitor Assortment monitoring (additions/deletions)
  • Competitor Promotion/Sale monitoring
  • Brands Direct to Consumer site monitoring

Our goal is your success

With over 15 years' experience in monitoring the photography market, we have a wealth of knowledge and data to provide you with price intelligence that you can act on.

Agile and agency-led, we work with you to establish your unique parameters. Offering bespoke reports and ad-hoc studies to suit your requirements - giving you a much deeper understanding of your position

Photography brand, wholesaler or e-commerce business - whatever you need, we can deliver.

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