Inspiring Emily Chong to Pursue Science

Emily Chong participated in a Pueblo Science camp in 2014. She is now in grade 9 and is actively volunteering for Pueblo Science creating youtube videos and writing blogs. She hopes to pursue Chemistry when she enters University.

When and how did you hear about Pueblo Science?

I first heard about Pueblo Science through my mother who worked at the University of Toronto where Pueblo Science was holding its summer camp. She thought that it would be a good opportunity for me and my siblings to learn more about science and to expose us to more activities that we may be interested in. I remember not really caring about going at first, since I was very young and would rather have spent my time going outside or spending time with my friends. However, after my first day in the summer camp, I was amazed with all of the interesting experiments that were conducted and felt at home with the welcoming people there. Pueblo Science really ignited the love for science that I now have and it exposed me to how fun science can really be at a young age. 

How has the experience change you?

Attending the camps changed my view of science and brought a different element to the subject that I was never really able to find in the classes at my school. Through the fun experiments we did I was able to learn a lot about the different scientific concepts, and I discovered that I enjoyed learning them. Additionally, I learned many lessons that I will carry with me throughout my life such as the importance of collaboration and curiosity, as well as, to never be afraid to ask questions.

Why do you continue to support Pueblo Science?

I love Pueblo Science’s mission and I think everyone should know and support it! Teaching children science, using fun activities, can change the perception of young kids from science is boring or mundane to science is fun and enjoyable. It did that to me. Everyone should realize that science is incorporated into their hobbies, interests, line of work and everyday life, so there will always be a part of science that will interest them. Pueblo Science provides that pathway.

What do you think other people should know about Pueblo Science?

I think that others should know that Pueblo Science’s programs bring so much happiness to so many children and people in general. They can inspire us to pursue career paths in science. 

Left: Emily showing off her desnity column at the Pueblo Science camp in 2014.


Outstanding Volunteer: Hamzah Khan