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Cosmetic Competitor Price Monitoring

Say goodbye to guesswork

  • Custom daily market price reports - whatever your requirements, we can deliver!
  • Retailer assortment monitoring - increase revenue by tracking and acting on the right metrics.
  • Don’t lose sales due to shipping costs – track them - ensure that you are as competitive as the market

We give you the competitive advantage

Monitoring the whole cosmetic market 24/7 so you can get your beauty sleep.
Working with and monitoring
Beauty Bay
Calvin Klein
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See for yourself why top cosmetic retailers & brands use Competitor Monitor to stay ahead

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"We needed a service to monitor customer sentiment, and to track how our brand compares with competitors. So pleased we chose Competitor Monitor as their knowledge and advice has been vital to our success"

Multinational Luxury Cosmetic Brand

Ensure your pricing strategy is wrinkle free

Know what your competitors are doing, and beat them at their own game

Analytics Screen Competitor Monitor

Cosmetic brands...

Monitor retailer sites and marketplaces to do the following:

  • Competitor brand price monitoring
  • Retailer brand and competitor stock monitoring
  • Retailer shipping charge monitoring
  • Retailer Assortment monitoring (additions/deletions)
  • Retailer Promotion/Sale monitoring
  • Direct to Consumer v’s Retailer price analysis

Analytics Screen Competitor Monitor

Cosmetic retailers...

Monitor competitor sites and marketplaces to do the following:

  • Competitor Price Monitoring
  • Competitor Stock Monitoring
  • Shipping charge tracking
  • Competitor review analysis
  • Competitor Assortment monitoring (additions/deletions)
  • Competitor Promotion/Sale monitoring
  • Brands Direct to Consumer site monitoring

Our goal is your success

With over 15 years' experience in monitoring the cosmetics market, we aim to help you grow your business by giving you price intelligence that you can act on.

We are experts in providing additional insight and advice.
Offering bespoke reports and ad-hoc studies to suit your requirements - giving you a much deeper understanding of your position

Brand, wholesaler or e-commerce business -
whatever you need, we can deliver.

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