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Our vision is a world where all youth are equipped with the scientific knowledge that empowers them to become the next generation of innovators.

Our mission is to reduce poverty by advancing science education and enabling innovation in low-resource communities.

  1. Education: Train local science teachers to incorporate hands-on STEM activities that foster scientific thinking and creative problem solving, using low-cost and locally-available materials.

  2. Innovation: Enable local changemakers to shape their community by providing hands-on, collaborative workshops.

Our Beginnings

Pueblo Science founders Prof. Cynthia Goh and Dr. Mayrose Salvador both grew up in rural Philippines, where resources are limited and access to quality science education is lacking.

Their pursuit of science led them to the University of Toronto, where the two of them met. Reflecting on their journeys, they recognized that improving the quality and accessibility of science education is one of the most effective and sustainable methods of advancing long-term health and prosperity in developing countries. 

They founded Pueblo Science in 2010 to help those living in low-resource communities around the world overcome barriers to science education by empowering local teachers to engage students with hands-on scientific experiments, using 100% locally available materials.

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